Global Sports Infrastructure Investment and CSR Summit

Create a dialogue between corporates, sports federations, associations and leading athletes to deliberate on the positive steps that have been taken or need to be taken to drive speedy investment in the sports sector and how it can be leveraged to make India a world class sporting nation.


The Global Sports Science Summit

An array of panel discussions, interview sessions, and real time case studies to provide valuable insights into the realty of Sports Nutrition. The intent is to initiate a dialogue within the arena of sports nutritional science and have focused discussions, which in turn would have a long term influence on the sports ecosystem in India.


Enabling India’s Olympic Vision

Foster discussion in line with India’s Olympic vision – the need to elevate sports from a grass root level, current state of affairs and what needs to be done to ensure we achieve this vision. Listen to some of the best minds from India’s sports fraternity and get to understand the actualities of where exactly do we stand and what needs to be done.


Global Sports Tech Summit

Advanced technologies have influenced every aspect of our lives, and sport is no exception to this. Recent years have witnessed steady introduction of technology within the domain of sports which are focused at amplifying athlete performances through analytics and advanced training methods as well as the fan’s engagement experiences. Through an array of panel discussions and real time case studies the conference will provide a realistic insight on tech enabled transformation and the possible future of Sports in India.