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Khel evam Yuva Kalyan Vibhag Madhya Pradesh

The geographical position of a country or a state goes a long way in impacting the course of historical events and also its economic development. It also influences the outlook of its citizens and their behavior. Madhya Pradesh occupying geographical the central position in the country, is veritably the heart of India.


Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh

Sports in Andhra Pradesh has its own importance, where many sporting personalities were into limelight. The Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) undertakes the sports development activities such as construction of Stadiumss, establishment of sports academies and other sporting related activities. The Sports infrastructure have increased tremendously like improving infrastructure in outdoor and Indoor Stadiumss, play fields, sports academies, sports equipments etc. Sports like kho kho, kabaddi are played mostly in Andhra Pradesh.


Punjab Sports Department


Government of Kerala

As per Indian Constitution, Kerala Government has three estates namely the legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. Each estate has its own functions to perform.

Legislature is the law making body. Kerala follows a Unicameral Legislative system, ie, there is only one house for state legislature namely the Legislative Assembly. The total number of members in the Kerala legislative assembly is fixed as 141. Of this, 140 are elected directly by the people on the basis of adult suffrage and one member is nominated from the Latin Community, which falls under minority category. The members of the legislative assembly elect one of themembers as it’s Speaker and another as Deputy Speaker. The Speaker presides over the meetings of the House and conducts the business of the government.The Deputy Speaker performs the duties of the speaker in the absence of Speaker.

The Governor appoints the leader of the majority party in the Legislative Assembly as the Chief Minister. The other ministers are appointed by the Governor on the advice of the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister is the head of the elected Government and heads the Council of Ministers. The council of ministers is collectively responsible to the Legislative Assembly.


Assam Sports Department