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Speed Chess

Speed chess is a thrilling, fast paced variation of chess where each player has under a minute to make a move. Blitz is a time constrained chess game where increments for each move are pre-decided that players cannot exceed. The player who wins the most points wins the game.

The Coach Crew will be conducting a speed chess workshop where participants will be taught the rules of the game, tactics and strategies of speed chess and will be holding several speed chess matches within the timings of the workshop where our expert coaches will be helping all the participants of the workshop.

The Coach Crew is an online sports startup that allows users to connect with the best sports coaches around them, allowing them to choose from over 450+ coaches and academies across 14+ sports. Built on a vision to create the largest community of sports coaches and redefine the way sports are played in India, the platform ( ensures that everyone has the opportunity to play any sport they wish to and get the right training for it. Using technology, the platform aims to go deeper into the player-coach training ecosystem to provide the technology and tools used to grow coaching businesses and provide value to every enthusiast turning into an athlete.

Leveraging the growing coach community, The Coach Crew also works with institutional bodies such as Schools, Corporates and NGO’s to provide great sporting experiences and tailor made coaching programs across various verticals. Further information on the team and the venture can be found on