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We are a leading B2B marketplace with presence in more than 190 countries & regions. We are a global brand helping small business go online to trade globally. In India we have more than 7 million (70 Lac) registered Indian SMEs on our platform connecting millions of other business globally. We and our founder Jack Ma, has been acclaimed by various global media and recognized as founders and key drivers of ecommerce in Asia.

B Positive

B Positive

BPositive, a health and lifestyle magazine, initiated by Apollo Hospitals Group, was launched in 2008. Owned and edited by Upasna Kamineni, BPositive conforms to the mission of empowering the people to conquer the world with an attitude, the ‘be positive’ attitude, by letting them be the most informed of all about health and lifestyle. Divulging its exclusive and deeply researched content, scripted by the eminent doctors of Apollo Hospitals and other highly distinguished dignitaries of medical fraternity, BPositive tries to enlighten, bolster and educate the people about their wellbeing. This monthly covers every facet of a human life, be it a common ailment or the overall health like fitness, beauty, diet, nutrition, safety, hygiene, stress & psychology. Special health events at stores like Landmark, Odyssey and other such places are one of our many endeavors to promote healthy living. Touching over two lakh lives every month, BPositive prides itself for caring for the health of its enthusiastic readers from all realms of the society. This national monthly has a large subscriber base and its presence can be felt in almost all the major cities of India viz., Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Ludhiana, Bhubaneswar, Madurai, Goa, Kerala and all the 45 Apollo Hospitals, 64 Clinics, 1000 Pharmacies etc. catering to over 25,000 footfalls / day / in each location / city. BPositive can be found with all national distributors such as India Book House, Outlook Retail and other leading local distributors as well as in airports and railway stations. Due to the increasing demand, BPositive also caters its readers with a smaller version, comprising of only medical content – 1,50,000 copies / month which are distributed through the 2500 Apollo Pharmacies across the nation.


Circle of Cricket

‘Circle of Cricket’ is the world’s largest and fastest growing Cricket community and website delivering cricket news, info, analysis and sporting joy to millions of people around the globe every single day. We provide the most engaging content with daily updates, news, analysis, interviews, videos, live chat shows etc. to our most dedicated and influential cricket fans from around the world, all 26 Million of them.

Our cross-platform community includes our site, mobile apps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many other digital platforms. Our website alone garners on average 20 Million page views each month. Our commitment to providing quality and creative content, in-depth analysis, interactive sessions with fans, sports journalists and cricket experts, ensures that the community grows and the reach multiplies every day. And most importantly, we bring the fans closer to their sporting heroes and give them a voice.

More than 70 athletes including Indian Cricketers and Sports personalities have given us the exclusive mandate to manage them on digital. We also work very closely with multiple brands and sporting bodies in creating and promoting relevant and viral campaigns.

‘Circle of Cricket’ is your go-to source for all things Cricket.

cricket today

Cricket Today

Cricket Today is a monthly cricket magazine in English and is published by a Delhi-based company, Diamond Magazines, which has the support of very experienced professionals. Cricket Today is an ultimate ode to the cricketing world. Besides coverage of all Test and One-day International matches, it has columns written by top writers who have long been known for their compelling writing in this field, the inside-out stories, legendary cricket moments, interviews, player profiles, the history of cricket and its players, exclusive columns, contests and lots more, all laden with evocative photographs.

Essentially Sportrs

Essentially Sports

EssentiallySports is an all-sports content and news website, with a mission to bridge the gap between the fans’ opinions and experts’ analysis. Based in India, EssentiallySports has nearly 100 writers dedicated to providing viewers with the best quality features, analysis and news reports from all sports all around the world. EssentiallySports is a platform for young and budding athletes to have their voices heard. With many exclusive interviews with top athletes, we hope to assist in the development of these athletes and help them achieve their dreams.

A monthly reach of 3 lakh page views with audience from over 20 countries including US, UK, Canada, India gives EssentiallySports a good strong hold among the Sports enthusiasts. In the coming years, EssentiallySports hopes to raise the exemplar of sport in India and the world and become the biggest premium all-round sports package.



Khelnama is India’s first and only community for sports lovers. Besides consuming content, this community also actively generates it via conversations. The coverage not limited to International Matches but also Local matches, right down to district levels. Equal focus on all sport, from hockey to football and tennis to golf. The cricket coverage goes beyond scoreboards and individual brilliance. Expert views from a team of former players and Citizen Scribe Publishing Model where shared content will be reviewed, veracity-checked and published.


Kridangan is sport web publication. Kridangan means ground for every sport. is gaining popularity in short time span, has fast entrenched itself into the lives of the young and dynamic readers around the world.

Through sport news, views, analyses and interactivity, provides readers with a composite unbiased picture of the sport, international sport events and the sport world around them. has ensured that there is something for everybody in it. team is continuously working on the content quality and to increase the number of reach around the world.



Amit founded Motoroids as India’s first two wheeler e-magazine, and an automobile news and reviews site in 2010. During his 12 year long journalistic career, Amit has worked with a wide variety of publications including Automiddleeast, Car India, Bike India, Top Gear, The Free Press Journal, Mid-Day, CFO Magazine to name a few. While being at the helm of Motoroids, Amit has also worked as a consultant for several auto companies for their product development program, and has also been taking lectures as a visiting faculty at IIT’s Industrial Design Center at Mumbai.



Sportskeeda is a new age sports media organisation at the intersection of content, mobile, social and technical innovation. It hosts the most buzzing and thriving platform and community of millennial sports fans, ably developed and run by a bunch of like minded young sports fans. The focus at Sportskeeda is to keep fans appraised of all the latest happenings in the world of sport, with the dissemination of content on social media of prime importance. Through a combination of news, analysis pieces, satires and listicles, Sportskeeda caters to a wide interest group and strives hard to provide fans with engaging, easy to read, attractive content. The website averages roughly 50 million pageviews a month, with the number further bolstered by their huge social presence, reaching up to 10 million people across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Sportskeeda have continued growing at a very fast rate, working with multiple brands and partners across sports, establishing themselves as a one-stop solution for all news and updates related to sports.

The Fan Garage

The Fan Garage

A division of Sports & Entertainment Development LLP, aims to be the leading online and offline destination for fans of sports teams and players. TFG brings alive everything that sports fans want to experience about their favorite teams and players. Patrons of TFG access real-time information, focused editorial, audio, and video content created by our team of excellent writers, producers, and columnists through our personalized website, channel, and podcasts. TFG provides incisive analysis about various aspects related to a sport, so that fans are aware of the dynamics influencing their idols and teams, and their performance. Our daily newsletter, TFG TIMEs, brings into the fan’s inbox an overview of the sports landscape with special emphasis on teams and players.


SportWise India

SportWise India is a one stop solution for everything sports. Everything from news, views, interviews to playing a sport. We give you the latest news about everything sports. We also aim at promoting unconventional sports and promoting other aspects that make a sport possible apart from just playing one. By providing a whole new outlook into the sports industry we aim at promoting sports via sports management education. We also aim at promoting grass root development and sports culture right from an early age.

Want to know whats happening in World Sports? Wish to learn a sport? Or make a career in the sports industry? We’ve got you covered.

There’s a lot more to sports than just playing one, come see sports our way.

The CEO Magazine

The CEO Magazine

The CEO Magazine, is the India`s leading monthly magazine published from New Delhi, India. It is the excellent medium that allows the top level executives to share their experiences, challenges they faced and case studies. That creates the extraordinary benefits to the Startups community and vibrant entrepreneurs to analyze on the IT trends; learning’s to organize and gives the better understanding in achieving their business objectives effectively. We believe in giving the real and inspirational case studies with proper guidance to Mid Size Companies, Startups and Entrepreneurs.

The Sports Mirror

The Sports Mirror is your one stop guide to all the sports news, reviews and opinions from India and around the world, plus fixtures, live scores and much more. The Sports Mirror is a comprehensive website on sports and provides detailed information on sports scenario and famous sportsmen. Popular online magazine featuring general sports news and articles. Known for comprehensive coverage of cricket, football, hockey, golf, tennis, athletics and badminton. was established in July 2010 and has been running like a locomotive through the sports blogosphere ever since.

y-logo is one of the India’s fastest growing websites dedicated to the youth. They heralded their endeavor in the online media sector in the year 2013 as an informative and interactive platform for the youth. Youngisthan acknowledges the problems of the youth and is committed to providing practical solutions with scanned information to help the young population reach their goals. Youngisthan strives to deliver developmental experiences that youth requires on a daily basis to help empower them in every way. Since its inception, it has successfully delivered vital news, information and other diverse content related to the youth from time to time. The Hindi version of website- was launched after the tremendous and over whelming success of the parent website.



Sportcal is a world-leading provider of sports market intelligence. This is provided through its subscription website, Insight magazine, bespoke research and event studies. This helps clients with their planning of sports events, analysis of commercial data, forecasting of future trends and business decisions.

Featuring a renowned independent daily news service, the Sportcal website features specialist Media, Sponsorship and Events Intelligence Centres for subscribers as well as a wealth of content prepared by industry experts. Additionally, bespoke research projects can be undertaken for national and global sporting events. These complement Sportcal’s annual Global Sports Impact (GSI) Report, which contains content and analysis on the previous year’s major sporting events.


The Sports Gurukul

TSG is India’s 1stgrass root sports & fitness development & training organization. Formed with an aim to create awareness for sports &fitness as an important part of physical & moral education. Voted as the “Best Physical Education & Sports Education Programme”for 2017 & “Sports Coaching Institute Of The Year”for 2016 & 15 at the Indian Education Awards.TSG provides total sports coaching and management services for our participants to help them take their sports to the next level.


  • Over 15 years of Experience
  • Multisports Under one roof
  • Trained Coaches
  • Systematic Curriculum
  • Organise Sports tournaments
  • International Partnerships
  • PanIndia Presence

To see maximum children live a healthy and active lifestyle, not only during childhood but throughout their life and provide those with exceptional sporting talents a launchpad for sporting excellence, thereby giving India International sports champions by 2020.

To be the most preferred service provider for school PE and SPORTS programs in India.