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Complete Concepts Counseling Centre

Complete Concepts Counselling Center (C4) consist of four structural core counselling departments – Complete Health, Complete Counselling, Career World Center and Complete Sports Fitness. This is a highly integrated system that offers you complete mental, physical and social well-being for your overall development.

At C-4, the pioneers provide you access to several prestigious academic institutes that offer exciting scholarships for you to achieve your best potential. Our alliance with ASIS foundation offers you summer camps abroad for professional football coaching. We have successfully enrolled our students at prestigious football academies in Portugal and have also planned in detail their nutrition and academic goals. We support our students in every possible way we can, to ensure the best overall output for their success and wellbeing. Our goal is to focus on not only academic enrichment but also physical and personal development.

Experts at C-4 are well equipped with knowledge in the area of Education, Health Care, Women’s health, Smoking cessation and Rehabilitation programs for alcohol addiction.

Health is vital to the process of learning in the present environment and we strive to connect our work and our role to the mission- ‘Right of being Healthy’. Hence, we assess the overall health status of our present generation. Strategically, we plan to prevent our generation from health issues at all socio-ecological levels. Our newest venture is the SBM Health Care Center that uses the latest medical technology offering preventive measures and innovative treatments for an overall healthy lifestyle.

At C-4, we develop, implement and evaluate theory and evidence-informed health promotion initiative.

C-4, A Rhythm for Life to Live Happy.