Global Sports Science Summit


Date: 22nd September 2016

The potential for sports in India is huge considering India is the fastest growing economy with a growing interest for sports among the youth and middle class, as well as an abundance of raw talent in the country. Sports like shooting, cricket, boxing, archery, badminton, tennis, and squash have constantly been putting up good performances at the world stage, which in turn provides a strong motivation to the youth and society at large.
For India to achieve its sports objectives, and to be considered one of the leading sporting nations, it needs to build further upon its strength areas as well as work towards creating a healthy talent pool in medal-intensive sports such as aquatics, athletics, cycling, gymnastics and weightlifting.

India’s sports budget for the year 2016 was Rs.1592 crore with a hike of Rs.50 crore from last year. These figures are comparatively lesser as compared to a country like China which has approximately 55,000 crores allocated to their sports. The world sports economy is approx. USD 500 billion and India’s contribution towards it is less than 15%.(Taken from Sports in India).

It has been well said, that the progress of the nation is reflected in the state of its sports.

India does have the available sports academies and training centers but a majority of these centers lack top class facilities, infrastructure, quality coaches and nutritional support. The policy focus should be to increase participation at the grassroots level from a village school to a top ranked university and simultaneously establish Centers of Excellence and high performance centers to condition and polish the talent within the country.

The Times of India – Global Sports Business Show 2016

With the intent to build a bright future for the sports fraternity and fitness enthusiasts in India, the Times of India is proud to present the first edition of the Global Sports Business Show, scheduled from the 21st to 23rd of December at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai.

A platform which will bring together national and international sports organizations, manufacturers, solutions providers, related federations, associations and governing bodies to engage with peers and stake holders under one comprehensive and exclusive event.

Focal Point – Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition is the study of nourishment and eating routine as it identifies with athletic execution. The type of application in Sport nutrition are Sports Food, Sports Drinks and Sports Supplements.
Major products in sports nutrition segment that have captured significant share in the market include energy drink, protein bar, and dietary supplements. Out of them, sports drinks were the major part of the share. According to an international market research agency, the global sport nutrition market in 2014 was valued at $24,700.4 million. This market is expected to grow during 2015-2020 at Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.3%.

The Global Sports Science Summit will host an array of panel discussions, interview sessions, and real time case studies to provide valuable insights into the realty of Sports Nutrition. The intent is to initiate a dialogue within the arena of sports nutritional science and have focused discussions, which in turn would have a long term influence on the sports ecosystem in India.

Gain insights on

  • The role of Sports Science for any sports person?
  • How Sports Science can help in deciding your age & type of game suitable for you
  • The correlation between Injuries during sports and how can sports science help to avoid or reduce the chances of injuries
  • Advance techniques for performance analysis and performance enhancement
  • Relationship between Sports Nutrition, Sports Performance, Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation
  • What Doping is and which medicines are suitable for an elite athlete?
  • Is Just passion enough for Olympic medal? Does Sports Science have any role to play?

Who should attend?

  • Young athletes
  • Parents of athletes
  • School sports teachers
  • Coaches
  • Sports Club officials
  • State Sports federations
  • National Sports Federations
  • Sports Policy makers
  • Physiotherapist
  • Sports Medicine students
  • Sports Medicine practitioners
  • Sports Nutrition students
  • Sport Nutritionist
  • Sports specific fitness trainers
  • Sports technology providers
  • Sports Science Institutes
  • Sports Medicine Institutes
  • Sports Performance labs
  • Athlete sponsoring associations
  • Sports Authority of India
  • Ministry of Sports
  • Army Sports Institute
  • State Olympic Committee members
  • National Olympic Committee members