About GSBS

The inaugural edition of GSBS 2016 brings together a diverse range of national and international sports organizations, sports goods and equipment manufacturers, technology and innovation providers along with sports retailers, dealers, distributors, sports marketing professionals, sports media experts as well as sports federation, national associations and other sports governing bodies, all under one roof, who wish to engage with industry colleagues and stake holders in the most comprehensive and exclusive environment. Over 3 days, the event will feature more than 200 national and international exhibitors related to the business of sports, multi-track Conferences with global speakers, and experts from the business of sports. This mega sports business gathering will ensure exchange of information, networking and knowledge sharing. The crossover and scale of the event, which is unique, will establish an unparalleled platform for everyone who wants to understand the economics of sports. The convergence and overlaps of different sports and its related industries will ensure specific and new opportunities for all the attendees.



Over 7,500 sqm of exhibition space

More than 30,000 attendees over 3 days for unparalleled networking

Over 200 exhibitors representing various aspects of the sports business including sports goods, equipment, technology, marketing agencies, sports nutrition and medicines, apparels and a lot more…

4 Standalone Conferences for focused discussions and the most candid unconferencing sessions

100+ leading industry speakers representing government, sports federations, sports leagues, sports brands, celebrity sportsmen from across the globe.

10+ allied events including a sports fashion show, sports icon awards, photography contest, fitness challenge, sports excellence and marketing awards.

Top 50 sports Startups who are changing the way sports business is done.


For 33 centuries, sports has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on civilizations and has proved to be one of the most effective tools in entertainment, health, business, and building a sustainable, secure and prosperous future for next generations.

No other form of entertainment has a more globally unifying appeal. It is no surprise that countries and brands are embracing sports like never before.

The global sports industry today is an all-encompassing business that consists of everything from sporting goods and apparels to broadcasting rights, sponsorship, merchandising and gate revenues.



Sports has undergone a dramatic shift worldwide and so are the brands and fans associated with it.

20 years ago, it was difficult to imagine a football world cup in Africa and Middle East, an Olympic games in South America and European games in Azerbaijan. But things have changed and how! Government & Corporates in India are waking up to the fact that investment in sports can have high potential tangible Roi.

The fact that India still accounts for a meagre 2% share in the global sports market indicates that we have a long way to go. It is estimated that there will be 1.33 million new sports persons by 2017 in India*.

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